Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 7:00pm - 9:00pm

McAllisters Deli - Miller Lane

Meeting Date Set from Doodle
See Doodle for scheduling

  1. 1

    Treasurers Update

    Stephanie Clingan, Director/Treasurer

    (5 minutes)


    Stephanie brought up need for club to switch from swipe based CC capture devices to newer chip readers.  Cost is $50 per unit.  Liability issues will crop up if we continue to use stripe readers.

    Motion to purchase 2 readers (one for merch and one for other uses) for cost not to exceed $115 approved.

    Mag stripe readers should only be used if chips are not present on customers cards.

    Motioned: Mike Harwat, Director/Vice President

    Seconded: Bruce Clingan, Director/President

    Stephanie Clingan, Director/TreasurerX  
    Mike Harwat, Director/Vice PresidentX  
    Jason Hillard, Director   
    Bruce Clingan, Director/PresidentX  
    Aaron Prine, DirectorX  
  2. 2

    Committee Updates

    Jason Hillard, Director

    (10 minutes)

    Updates from standing committees to include each venue at a minimum as well as BOH.

    1. 2.1

      RiverScape Update

      Jason Hillard, Director


      Riverscape contract completed.

      Still searching RiverScape league coordinators.  Jason mentioned trying to reach out to the Dayton area folks.

    2. 2.2

      Springfield Update

      Bruce Clingan, Director/President


      Still working on getting a final contract but leagues are locked in.

      Still searching for league coordinators.  Mike will reach out to Brenna and Tricia as potentially good picks for doing the springfield leagues.

      Still working on getting practice ice during free skate time.

      Working on invoice error correction then all of 2016-17 invoices will be paid.

  3. 3

    2017-18 Budget Approval

    Bruce Clingan, Director/President



    Budget was approved as presented with addition of $50 per league for league awards, and a modification to merchandise to show income and expenses.  Costs were modified for RS leagues to display correct income and expense figures.  Google Doc posted to board Basecamp, and removed from minutes.


    Motioned: Mike Harwat, Director/Vice President

    Seconded: Aaron Prine, Director

    Stephanie Clingan, Director/TreasurerX  
    Mike Harwat, Director/Vice PresidentX  
    Jason Hillard, Director   
    Bruce Clingan, Director/PresidentX  
    Aaron Prine, DirectorX  
  4. 4

    Open Board Position


    After brief discussion this item was indefinately tabled to focus on more pressing issues.

  5. 5

    Strategic Planning Discussion

    Bruce Clingan, Director/President

    (45 minutes)


    Meeting scheduling for next meeting was discussed.  Aaron will work with Jason to create doodle of available dates for them and board will meet on one of those dates.

  6. 6

    2017 Membership Recommendations

    Bruce Clingan, Director/President

    (45 minutes)


    Considerable discussion led to the following membership options:

    Full Membership


    • Springfield Fall League
    • Choice of RiverScape League
    • Springfield Spring League
    • Membership in GLCA
    • Membership in USCA
    • Merchandise discounts on apparel and equipment through Curl Troy
    • $2 off per Curl Troy pin purchased
    • Bender Gloves Discount
    • Add second night of league at RiverScape for $100 ($20 Savings)

    Value $680 plus other discounts

    Full Membership Payment Plan


    • Same benefits as full membership
    • $50 service fee
    • Must sign up for membership before start of first league night
    • Members will pay $110 down payment through website
    • Member will contact treasurer with payment information 
    • $110 payment will be deducted from card or bank draft on 9/15. 10/15, 11/15, 12/15
    • $25 fee will be added for all declined payments
    • No Refunds
    • Any declined payment that isn't reconsiled within 15 days of due date could cause eligibility restrictions for National Events


    Social Member


    • GLCA Membership
    • USCA Membership
    • Curl Troy Membership
    • Merchandise Discounts
    • Bender Glove Discount
    • Not Playdown or National Event Eligible
  7. 7

    Volunteer Needs and Requirements

    Bruce Clingan, Director/President

    (20 minutes)

    The following volunteer needs are critical to shore up during the 2017-18 season

    • Riverscape League Coordinators
    • Springfield League Coordinators
    • Olympic Programming Leader (Oversees the olympic programming and focusses on user retention)
    • Marketing (develops a marketing plan and implements it based on available budget)
    • LTC Coordinator (Runs and coordinates volunteers for each LTC)


    Still actively searching for RiverScape and Springfield Coordinators

    Olympic and Marketing tasks shoudl be expected to be picked up by the board at this point.  We should be prepared to take that on fully and should hold ourselves accountable for accomplishing them.

    Mike H will become LTC coordinator and work to build instructor pool and list of active instructors and their abilities.