Board of Directors Meeting

1. Treasurers Update
Stephanie Clingan, Director/Treasurer
5 minutes


Balances were provided.  We have moved to a fund style accounting with distinct separation in our books between different monies.

Card readers have not arrived, will have them before LTC's

Mandatory reporting with State of Ohio now.  Stephanie is handling registration and reporting.

2. Committee Updates
Jason Hillard, Director
10 minutes

Updates from standing committees to include each venue at a minimum as well as BOH.

2.1 Operations Update

Changes to Event Registration

Smart Waiver Usage

Mailchimp Usage

Survey Monkey Usage

Costs for Springfield LTC and I League


Eventbrite will be our registration system moving forward for this year.  We can re-evaluate after this years test is complete.  Waivers and registration are being handled in Eventbrite, fees are being passed on to registrant.

With Eventbrite smart waiver might not need to be used.  Membership waivers were completed on Smart Waiver.  (NEED TO DETERMINE HOW SUBS DO WAIVERS)

Mailchimp usage is great.  It is still the policy of the board that no group emails to our leagues or members be sent from a regular email account.  Mailchimp is the go to tool for emailing.  Eventbrites email system is acceptable if necessary.  Bruce is still working on the best approach for list synching between the two.

Survey monkey account de-activated.  Discussions about surveying our group led to the idea that it doesn't provide much value.  In areas where we want to survey we should use a free tool.

Springfield presents a big risk or big reward.  It is up to us and the membership to make sure it is a success in the spring.

Player development was discussed.  It simply isn't an option during our league nights.  The board is in agreement this should not be a priority for the club at the moment.  Development specific programming on arena ice is less than beneficial and will be less helpful than league play.  Those players who are looking for development are being asked to focus their energy on making our Olympic push a success thus making build our house more successful.  Bruce has offered to provide limited options for player development at RS during learn to curls and during the Springfield Instructional league.  Both will be dependant on space being available when the program starts and depend on their being instructor availability during those events.

2.2 RiverScape Update
Jason Hillard, Director

Update on progress and needs at Riverscape.


Riverscape progressing smoothly.  Noone stepped up to lead any of the leagues, but some people said that they will be available to help on some nights.  We are contractually obligated to have a person there from setup to tear down in charge.  Jason is reluctantly taking point, this should really be 2 people leading these leagues Jason had concerns with whether he has the time to do it all.

Jason is reaching out to Metroparks about billing so we get that sorted out ahead of time and their needs from us during the ice making process.  Also about getting some media attention prior to the start of our programming.

All RS programming is up and open for registration in Eventbrite.

Members can add 2nd league for just $100.  We really want more members playing on Tuesday nights.  Currently there is one member playing on Tuesday.  Members were sent code, this will continue to be pushed in member communication.

Membership registration for their included riverscape league will happen during league play and individual communication.  Members will need to tell Jason or Bruce who is on their team.  If their team is of 3 they will be given a team number so that their 4th can register through eventbrite for their specific team.


2.3 Springfield Update
Bruce Clingan, Director/President

Offerings for Spring Olympic Push



R 3/1 - 845-1015pm 

SA 3/3 - 5-630p

SA 3/3 - 630-8p

TR 3/8 - 915-1045p

SA 3/10 - 530-7p

SA 3/10 7-830p

M 4/9 - 630-8p

M 4/9 - 8-930p

Instructional Leagues

1 - 3/12 3/19 3/26 4/2 7pm setup 730-930pm play

2 - 4/16, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7 7pm setup 730-930pm play


Sharing open skate time likely not to happen.  Chiller Attorney is concerned about liability issues

Superfriendly times still in negotiation


Fall league progressed well

Spring offerings will take everything but 3/1 and 3/8 dates.  Board is asking Bruce to try to get LTC time on 4/14 and potentially add a third instructional league on a potentially different day of the week.

As dates and times are confirmed they will immediately be added to the calendar and registration system.


Regular league play is unaffected.

3. RiverScape and Springfield Marketing

It is recommended that the board of directors develop and implement a marketing plan for filling RiverScape and Springfield learn to curl opportunities.  This includes media exposure that RiverScape can bring to the table as well as financially investing into other marketing opportunities.


No specific marketing plan is yet in play.  We would love more member support in this area.


Jason is working with RiverScape for media attention.


Bruce did reasonably successful facebook ad test.  Will do more as we draw closer to December.

Goal for us this year needs to be on not only getting people to try curling but to convert those people to attend a league or instructional leagues.  Measures that will be implemented to help this

  • Anyone who signs up for a league after walking off of ice from learn to curl will receive their learn to curl fee back as a discount on their league, and will not pay the handling fee from eventbrite.
  • People will be strongly encouraged to sign up for leagues after learn to curls.  Each group instructor will have a conversation with their participants about continuing with us.  This has to become our standard practice.  We can't let people go home and expect that they will sign up as we have done in the past.  We need to sell participating in some sort of league play.
  • Re-marketing campaigns will be established via email including bonuses like free shirts for the first one to sign up after the email is sent.

4. Arena Nationals Team Selection Criteria
Bruce Clingan, Director/President

Process for 2017-18 has been set and messages sent to membership about submitting interest.  Columbus already doesn't have ice time available for a playdown so if we choose to play down we may need to do it on a RiverScape league or LTC night.


It is recommended that the Board of Directors define selection criteria for teams to compete in Arena Nationals or other National Level competitions.  These would include the following events:

  1. Arena Nationals
  2. Mixed Nationals
  3. Club Nationals

Some of these events require regional playdown participation.  Options to consider are:

  1. Playdown after an application period
  2. Assignment to events based on league records
  3. Random Selection for events
  4. Membership requirements for events (as we define different types of membership each should consider whether they include playdown eligibility)

2 Potential and similar policy examples are attached.



Board discussed need to have more flexibility in this process because of how small we are.  Discussions about external selection committee were presented.  Board agreed that having non-members select our competitive teams isn't viable.

Board agreed that current registration process is acceptable and approved its use.  Discussions about the importance of having people express interest before 10/30 in order to facilitate the club seeking an entry in events.

There at this point appears to be no option for dedicated ice for a playdown.

Approved implementation of policy as presented.  Should there be a need for alteration to this policy members should feel free to request that their individual case be considered.

Result: Approved

Motioned: Jason Hillard, Director

Seconded: Stephanie Clingan, Director/Treasurer

Stephanie Clingan, Director/TreasurerX  
Mike Harwat, Director/Vice PresidentX  
Jason Hillard, DirectorX  
Bruce Clingan, Director/PresidentX  
Aaron Prine, Director