Board of Directors Meeting

1. Committee Updates
Jason Hillard, Director
10 minutes

Updates from standing committees to include each venue at a minimum as well as BOH.

1.1 Treasurers Update
Stephanie Clingan, Director/Treasurer
5 minutes


Banking health was discussed in great detail including account balance projections for next 12 months to utilize in evaluations for build our house.

1.2 RiverScape Update
Jason Hillard, Director


Roughly 11 spots remain in the Tuesday night league, all other programming sold out.

Still looking for people to lead or host on Tuesday nights.  Mike and Bruce are planning on implementing a bit more instruction through the first four weeks than normal in an effort to develop a little better curling from our participants and promote curl troy better.  

Goal is to generate 5 memberships from Tuesday night league.  Participants on Tuesday night will be offered rookie membership and their RiverScape league registration will be subtracted from the cost of membership.

1.3 Springfield Update
Bruce Clingan, Director/President


Springfield league for spring is not posted and will not be posted until February.  We are waiting to make sure we have room to put converted members into.

Springfield LTC's have roughly 24 registered already.  Instructional league has 4 participants registered with several others asking about registration and participation.

Superfriendly will be posted in the next week or so for our members.  Nothing changing but it will be team registration.  Our members are going to be encouraged to sign up and not wait.  We expect a lot of interest from other GLCA clubs but our members are to be reminded that this event is not a major fundraiser and that they should sign up to participate.  We are holding this event for our members to have some good ice and good competition we want them to participate.  

1.4 Marketing and Membership Update
Bruce Clingan, Director/President


5 new members from RiverScape LTCs, an excellent response.  We are looking for at least 5 more from the Tuesday night league.  

Non-members who are regulars should be encouraged to purchase the half year membership.  This is not only a financial savings for those participating the rest of the year but we are asking people to show their commitment to the club as we move to the next step in our growth.  

Roughly $400 was spent marketing the RiverScape leagues.  We believe that amount was successful and led to our leagues filling out and to a membership growth.

A 5th learn to curl was discussed as well as a media night combined with that.  There wasn't available ice in December to conduct the LTC.  The media event could potentially be held on a Thursday league night with an extra hour of ice.  If a member can step up and help organize a list of media contacts to invite the board will pursue this option.  The board doesn't have the bandwidth to develop the media night with other pressing issues.  Based on the current league sign ups and with the success of our marketing efforts pre olympics we are not planning on conducting a media night unless a member can step up to organize a media contacts list.  This ask has been put out in the Member Facebook Group and asked individually a couple of times.

Membership Communication: Membership facebook group was created.  Not limited to members but open to friends of Curl Troy as well.  This serves as an additional outlet for communication.

2. BOH - Restructure
Bruce Clingan, Director/President

Looking to restructure BOH eliminating steering committee and moving those tasks to the Board of Directors.  Create a single committee.  We should develop a plan for creating this single committee to include reaching out to those individuals actively involved currently to discuss this transition and approaching full membership about coming on board. 

Need to select someone to head up this team and sit on advisory board.  Brian R expressed interest in leading this. 


Build our house currently is not agile enough and is a bit clunky.  Reorganization is needed to make the group more agile and able to make the decisions necessary in the time that they need to be made in.  Currently there are a handful of active people but most activity is in building committee.  Its just too complex and needs simplified.

In depth discussion was had about the decision making process for BOH, and the board agreed that they would act as the steering committee and guide the process.  If members have questions about the progress of BOH at any point they should start their questions with a board member.  That board member will either answer their questions or guide them to the right person to answer the question.

Several individuals were identified as potential leaders to act as the first funnel from the board to the membership and stakeholders.  There will be direct asks to these folks in the next week or so.

Those members active in BOH will be specifically told about this reorganization and will likely remain doing similar activities.  Funding committee has been advised, and building committee knows about most of what is happening.  Building committee will be notified by a board member or someone else close to that committee.  Membership, operations, and ice are not active in the discussion and no direct discussion will happen about this reorganization with them.

Action item - Effective immediately the Board of Directors is taking operational control of BOH.  Notifications will be made as discussed above.

Result: Approved

Motioned: Jason Hillard, Director

Seconded: Bruce Clingan, Director/President

Stephanie Clingan, Director/TreasurerX  
Mike Harwat, Director/Vice PresidentX  
Jason Hillard, DirectorX  
Bruce Clingan, Director/PresidentX  
Aaron Prine, DirectorX  

3. BOH Direction Discussion - Property Discussion
Aaron Prine, Director

A potential property has been identified and a plan is being developed and discussed.  This is an executive session discussion.


The board met in executive session and discussed the following:

  • Viability of location of current property
  • Viability of condition of property
  • Needs for evaluating condition and value of property
  • Occupancy and Ice Build Out Initial Budgets
  • Long term and Short term profit and loss projections
  • Next Steps

Executive session produced action steps to be completed prior to Jan 1, and steps following those initial action steps.