Board of Directors Meeting

1. New Director Orientation
Bruce Clingan, Director/President
15 minutes
  • Internal process discussion
  • Slack/BlueSky/Text Communication
  • Role definitions and responsibilities
  • Active Operational Board vs. Decision Making Body

2. Election of Board Officers
Bruce Clingan, Director/President

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer need to be reaffirmed or re-elected.



President, Vice-President, and Treasurer were all reaffirmed:

  • President - Bruce Clingan
  • Vice-President - Mike Harwat
  • Treasurer - Stephanie Clingan

Secretary position was tabled. Duties to be handled by Jessica, Jason, and Aaron.

2.1 Advisory Board Plans 2018-19
Bob Balcerek, At Large Director


This position will always be the lowest-tenured board member.

Bob has license to populate this advisory board in whatever way he deems fit.

3. Treasurers Update
Stephanie Clingan, Director/Treasurer


Not planning right now to make up a budget sheet, but may yet do that.

~$35,000 in account (the highest it has ever been) & will have $19,350 in ice bills this season.

The amount from Build our House is about $5,000.

4. Venue Reports

Discussion about when to open registration to the public for individual leagues.  


League coordinators are responsible for putting the leagues up on Eventbrite.

4.1 RiverScape MetroPark
Jason Hillard, Director


Brian, Matt, and Jason may be co-managing these leagues.

Mike will run, or find people to run, the Learn to Curls at Riverscape.

  • Jason will put LTCs up on Eventbrite, but won't publish them yet.
  • They will have a timed release so that members have the first chance to get family and friends in to them before the events are published to the public.

4.2 NTPRD Chiller Springfield
Bruce Clingan, Director/President

Schedule Confirmed

Annual Meeting Overview

SuperFriendly and Annual Meeting 2019 (should I be reserving dates?)


Fall League - There were 5 spots remaining as of the day of this meeting.

Spring Leagues - Bob volunteered to run the competitive league.

Annual Meeting - It was a good success. Lost a little money on it.

SuperFriendly/Annual Meeting 2019 - Discussion of whether or not to reserve dates for these. I believe the consensus was to go ahead and reserve.

4.3 Kettering Rec Center
Patrick Connolly

Presentation of options and recommendations regarding Kettering Rec Center.


Proposal for a "Java" League at Kettering made by Paul Robinson and Patrick Connolly.

Background on Kettering:

  • Already put down curling houses on their ice.
  • It would cost them $35,000 to get all the necessary equipment for curling on their own.
  • They close at the beginning of May.
  • Charge everyone who uses the ice the same rate per hour, no matter what

Current State of Relationship:

  • The people managing it really want to get curling going there, and have to convince the higher-ups.
  • Can look at having them host the events that we run.
    • Are willing to hold LTCs and hire us to run them.
    • We can organize the LTCs however we wish.
    • They have good marketing that we would benefit from if they host events.
  • They are interested in running curling leagues the way that they run skating programs.
  • They would like us to move there all year, but their schedule is too tight for that to be feasible.

See attachment in the agenda for information regarding the proposed "Java" League.

  • Benefit is that once the stones are moved down there, we can hold the LTCs during the 7 weeks that the stones are at the Kettering rink.
  • Can even leave one set of stones there to continue running LTCs until they are moved back to Springfield for the Spring Leagues.
  • Kettering says that they can put the freezers into the old snack bar room that locks.
  • It was briefly discussed that it could be added as a league option, but that was not approved.

Bob moved to have Paul and Pat set up and run the Kettering Java League contingent on it breaking even.

  • If it doesn't break even, then the Board will address at a later date.
  • Pat and Paul need access to Eventbrite and will put up the event registration ASAP.

Result: Approved

Motioned: Bob Balcerek, At Large Director

Stephanie Clingan, Director/TreasurerX  
Mike Harwat, Director/Vice President X 
Jason Hillard, DirectorX  
Bruce Clingan, Director/President X 
Aaron Prine, DirectorX  
Bob Balcerek, At Large DirectorX  
Jessica Brewer, At Large DirectorX  

5. Build Our House

5.1 Fundraising/Development
Jason Hillard, Director

6. GLCA Representative Report
Paul Robinson, GLCA Representative
5 minutes


Paul had a GLCA meeting coming up at the end of September.

There is a pin available if you participate in 3 GLCA events.

  • Make this known in future member communications.