Board of Directors Meeting

1. Treasurers Update
Stephanie Clingan, Director/Treasurer

2. Venue Reports

2.1 RiverScape MetroPark
Jason Hillard, Director

2.2 NTPRD Chiller Springfield
Bruce Clingan, Director/President

2.3 Kettering Rec Center
Paul Robinson, GLCA Representative

3. Communications and Marketing

4. Fundraising and Development
Jason Hillard, Director

5. SafeSport Requirements

See attached requirements from USCA regarding Safesport.

6. Insurance Approval

Insurance renewal was due Dec 1.  This is a short suspense from USCA as usual.  Renewal information was made available on Nov 16.

Renewal was completed, since no formal budget has been approved individual approval for this item will need to be done.

7. Build Our House

8. D&O Insurance