Board of Directors Meeting

1. Treasurers Update
Stephanie Clingan, Director/Treasurer


  • GLCA & USCA dues were paid
    • GLCA - ~$38
    • USCA - ~$1,179
      • Much bigger number than we've ever paid before. Our club has been around long enough that we don't get any discount anymore.
  • D&O Insurance premium was paid
    • Will pay annually, the agent caught the mistake and fixed it (he had sent a 3 year premium)
  • Received ~$792 from Kettering

2. Venue Reports

2.1 RiverScape MetroPark
Jason Hillard, Director


  • Mike has taken some pictures at Riverscape
  • Jason did an interview with a freelance writer working for the Metroparks
    • Won't come out until too late in the league
    • Need to talk to them about putting the media coverage out prior to the Riverscape league happening
  • A group of members have said that they don't want to do Riverscape again
    • Suggestion - go back to them to see if they can research for a replacement location
    • The league is still useful to the club though because it can bring in people that don't curl elsewhere
      • Have 75-80 uniques curling there
    • Part of the problem with the ice conditions this year was that the guy who takes care of the ice was on leave for a large portion of January
    • Should do an exit survey after Riverscape (maybe use Google Forms) and/or do a postcard that can be returned
      • If you could change one thing, what would it be?
      • How likely are you to curl at Riverscape next year? (3 options: Yes, No [Reason], It depends [Reason])
      • Run the questions by Bruce and Mike first
      • Then send Trish the link
    • We make the majority of our money at Riverscape

2.2 NTPRD Chiller Springfield
Bruce Clingan, Director/President


  • Let Brian run with the idea of having another option for membership
    • Directed toward Riverscape curlers
    • $250 to become a member and do a Springfield league.
  • Monday night - Still has ¬†open spots
    • Maybe run 8 person learn to curls on some of those nights
      • Need to have a plan to integrate them after the learn to curls
  • Still don't have a coordinator for the Monday night league
  • Wednesday night plan for broomstacking
    • Will have specific nights for official broomstacking
    • Bob will pick a specific place for those nights to get a little variety
    • May try some "pre-gaming" beforehand
  • Mother Stewart's might be an option for broomstacking now?
  • Bruce wants someone else to take over the coordination with the NTPRD Chiller
    • Their scheduling is getting to be a huge fight
    • They sold the dates that we tried to reserve for our superfriendly or annual meeting
      • May 19th or 26th, or start our event at noon on a Saturday, or any Sunday in June are available
      • They gave us the run around as to how/when to reserve the leagues
  • Superfriendly
    • Suggest May 26th
    • Trish is willing to make contact with the POCs for other clubs
      • Just need to provide her a flyer
  • Motion to reserve the ice for our annual meeting at the Chiller on July 21.
  • Annual meeting
    • should be only members
    • Members pay for the food, club pays for the ice
    • Have games available upstairs
    • Bruce will be the lead organizer for the event

Motioned: Mike Harwat, Director/Vice President

Seconded: Stephanie Clingan, Director/Treasurer

Stephanie Clingan, Director/TreasurerX  
Mike Harwat, Director/Vice PresidentX  
Jason Hillard, DirectorX  
Bruce Clingan, Director/PresidentX  
Aaron Prine, DirectorX  
Bob Balcerek, At Large DirectorX  
Jessica Brewer, At Large DirectorX  

2.3 Kettering Rec Center
Paul Robinson, GLCA Representative


  • Next LTC is in February
  • Junior stones are on their way (paid for by the Kettering Community Fund)
    • Should bring them to the annual meeting

3. Fundraising and Development
Jason Hillard, Director

4. Build Our House


  • Still working on both properties
  • Trish will share with the membership that we are still looking for reasonably priced building or land for our own ice

5. SafeSport Certification Discussion & Safe Sport Recommendations
Bob Balcerek, At Large Director


  • We all need to have this completed ASAP and send it to Bob
    • Attach it in the Slack #SafeSport conversation
  • This is to be USCA compliant and compliant with federal law
    • Are a mandatory reporter according to the law whether you are certified or not
      • there can be criminal charges if you don't report
  • Bob shared his recommendations for our Safe Sport policy
    • Who will track Safe Sport certifications?
    • Can do this in the membership database (SalesForce)
    • Should have all LTC instructors be SafeSport certified
    • Look over these and talk with Bob if you have any questions or suggestions

6. Communications and Marketing


  • Welcome Trish!!
  • Website is being rebuilt by Bruce
    • Is currently adding e-commerce area for the Gentry's to use
    • Sub list will be operated through the website next year
    • Wants help revamping content
      • He's willing to make a spreadsheet that tracks what content has been reviewed and then we can do whatever we are able to
    • Won't transition to the new site until after the Superfriendly

7. Membership Certification and Submission


  • 37 members reported this year
    • lost 7
    • gained 10
  • Would be nice to figure out how to capture the folks at Riverscape next year

8. Club Directory
10 minutes

Discuss need for Club directory


  • Is there a reason to not have one?
  • If we make it, someone has to maintain it, and we need to make sure that it is secure