Workshop Session

1. Business Plan Discussion


Brian presented the current draft of the Curl Troy Business Plan:

  • Work through Structure and Management section during the next workshop session
  • Regarding the Go To Market section, Bruce will bring the DII model in order to come up with the numbers in the table
    • Will break up the different data pieces among the board members at next meeting
    • Will base this off of the build model in order to get the appropriate business plan to the family that Scott Monin is talking to
  • Need ice house information added
  • Maybe use another workshop session to redo SWOT analysis
  • Membership section
    • We should create a full model of this but maybe not put all of it in the document
      • The DII model will spit these numbers out
    • Maybe make this section shorter, more succinct
    • Brian will look at the entire Products and Services section, pare it down, and get it back to us
  • Action Items:
    • Bruce will bring DII model, and a list of required inputs
    • ¬†will sketch out how to address the Structure and Management section
    • Jessica will run the SWOT analysis