July Board Meeting

1. Build Our House


Don't really have the funds to purchase a building right now.

1.1 Listings with Potential?

4293 Powell Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424

Building just North of Enon - 70,000 sq ft

2. Member's Meeting


Cancellation is going to be a prorated amount of the total cost of the rental of the Chiller.

Jessica - Try to get a reservation of a shelter house at Fairborn Community Park. July 20th or 21st

Jessica - Ask Brian if one of his group would like to organize a crokinole lesson and pseudo-tournament

Motion - We not hold the annual meeting at the Chiller. Keep the meeting on the 21st and hold it at a shelter house at a park. Location will be determined in the following week.

Bruce - Will order the awards for Volunteers of the Year (3).

Result: Approved

Motioned: Mike Harwat, Director/Vice President

Seconded: Stephanie Clingan, Director/Treasurer

Stephanie Clingan, Director/TreasurerX  
Mike Harwat, Director/Vice PresidentX  
Jason Hillard, Director  X
Bruce Clingan, Director/PresidentX  
Aaron Prine, Director  X
Bob Balcerek, At Large Director  X
Jessica Brewer, At Large DirectorX  

2.1 Elections

2.2 Food

2.3 Curling

2.4 Raffle

2.5 Icemaking

2.6 Skill Contests

3. Safesport Policy Update


Has to get approval from USCA if we come up with a club specific set of policies.

4. Venue Reports

4.1 RiverScape MetroPark
Jason Hillard, Director

4.2 NTPRD Chiller Springfield
Bruce Clingan, Director/President

Need to set an plan of action for finding a venue contact.


Need to check in with whomever said that they were going to approach a member about becoming the contact for Springfield.

4.3 Kettering Rec Center
Paul Robinson, GLCA Representative


Received our last payment from Kettering from the Learn to Curls. ~$600

  • Total profit came to $1000

Pat and Paul have been talking with Kettering to see what possibility there is for a fall league there.

  • Should we cap the Chiller league and curl at Kettering for the fall as well?

5. Treasurers Update
Stephanie Clingan, Director/Treasurer

6. Fundraising and Development
Jason Hillard, Director

7. Board Positions


Bruce is stepping down as President for the next year. He will keep his board member position.

Mike has offered to organize and run Men's playdowns for the Arena Nationals this next curling season.

  • Need to determine how to pick people/teams
  • Should suggest to membership that they go to some GLCA playdowns to see how competitive play functions and get experience. (December timeframe)