August Board Meeting

1. Treasurers Update
Stephanie Clingan, Director/Treasurer

2. Venue Reports

2.1 RiverScape MetroPark
Jason Hillard, Director

2.2 NTPRD Chiller Springfield
Bruce Clingan, Director/President

2.3 Kettering Rec Center
Paul Robinson, GLCA Representative

3. Officer Elections
Bruce Clingan, Director/President

Elected officers for the coming year need to be selected and confirmed.

3.1 Second Motion

4. Schedule and Membership Confirmation

Must confirm membership and schedule plan for upcoming season.  Springfield schedule is confirmed and attached.  Riverscape schedule has not been confirmed by Jason and really needs solidified before this meeting.

Kettering schedule is finalized in October and November

5. Open Board Position Discussion and Action

There is an open board position.  We should as a board make an affirmitive decision for how we want to proceed.